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Living with MS is an uphill battle for people with the disease, like Amber. She worries about her future every day. Research will mean Amber won’t have to for much longer.”

 Associate Professor Kaylene Young

Associate Professor Young’s research is focused on a process called remyelination. This means repairing the coating of nerve cells known as ‘myelin’. Myelin is like insulation for nerves and is their protection. Unfortunately, myelin gets damaged in MS, which causes nerve damage. Associate Professor Young’s research uses magnetic brain stimulation to encourage the brain to repair the damage. 

What makes remyelination research so exciting?

  • Could become an MS treatment in only 5 years
  • May stop or reverse nerve damage in some people living with MS
  • Is not a drug or invasive treatment
  • Has advanced to clinical trials

"We are thankful every day to those who donate to MS research because it not only means our team can continue to do what we are passionate about; it also offers hope for the MS community.” 

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Amber and her three children. Amber lives with MS.

Your support will mean remyelination projects, like Associate Professor Young’s, will continue to break new ground. With enough funding, these projects can be transformed into a treatment within 5 years. MS scientists, researchers, people with MS and donors share a hope that one day MS will be solved. And with research like Associate Professor Young’s, there's big reason to be hopeful. 

"Your support means my team can keep doing the... research that will lead us to stop and reverse the effects of MS."

 Associate Professor Kaylene Young 

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