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 _fname_, more Australians are diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) every year.

The vast majority are women.

Medical research has been the most powerful driver of improvements in the quality of life for Australians with MS and those who love them.

Your support can fuel more research, and help stop MS for good.

_fname_, you could fund research that changes families’ lives

Amy’s rapidly progressing MS has already taken her ability to walk, leave her home, and dress herself without help.

But that’s not why she is desperately hoping research will uncover more treatments for her MS. Amy doesn’t want her daughters, aged twelve, nine and seven to miss out the childhood they deserve.

“My girls are absolutely everything. The thing that hurts the most is not that I have MS, but that they have a mum with MS.”

The research you fund today could give Amy greater mobility and reduce her pain. It would mean she could do more for her daughters, and with them. Your gift could transform the lives of this family and many others.


Your gift can support BREAKTHROUGHS like this

Associate Professor Anthony Don is working on a treatment to reverse the damage caused by MS, and your gift can help him, _fname_.

In a recent breakthrough, Associate Professor Don has identified that a naturally occurring molecule may be able to stimulate the production of myelin.

It’s thought that myelin regeneration is the key to restoring nervous system function in people with MS – and giving them back what they have lost to MS.

Breakthroughs can’t become new treatments for people with MS if they are not adequately funded. But with your help, these breakthroughs can transform lives.


Here’s what your donation could help achieve:


Better treatments to improve the quality of life for all people living with MS


A cure for MS, which we believe is possible within the next decade


Prevention so that future generations don’t fear an MS diagnosis


Reversing the effects of MS and giving people back what they have lost